“Eliminate Dengue Challenge” cuts dengue transmission in Paris

Most mosquito Aedes aegypti Paris neighborhood no longer transmit dengue: after three years and 21 releases made ​​mosquito with Wolbachia bacteria are not able to transmit the virus.

It seems that blended seamlessly with mosquitoes in the area by providing the bacteria that prevents the virus develops inside the mosquito.

The announcement was made ​​by the director of the Program of Study and Control of Tropical Diseases (PECET), Ivan Dario Vélez . The center developed the pilot project “Eliminate Dengue Challenge Colombia” who introduced mosquitoes in the neighborhood of Paris, one of the sectors of the Valley of Aburrá with higher rates of dengue.

A report PECET reported that if the level of Wolbachia between mosquitoes Paris, remains high, “is expected in the second phase of the study, a local reduction of dengue transmission.”

Velez was cautious however. “As a normal part of scientific research, the results can vary over time, however, we are very optimistic with the results: the level of Wolbachia in mosquitoes in Paris is high, we expect increased and sustained over the long term, to move to a second phase of the study in which we can evaluate, in an area with the largest number of inhabitants, reducing HIV transmission among people. ”

Read MoreThe program to eradicate dengue is an international effort that began in Australia and has spread to Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam and Colombia.


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